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BattleFriends in Tanks PREMIUM

2.99 usd

Experience the amazing PREMIUM version of BattleFriends in Tanks including:* 300 FREE Gold (worth $6!) for a good start!* An exclusive tank not available anywhere else!
Battle friends or strangers using one of many special weapons and become a field marshal. Get ready for the ultimate in turn-based mayhem!
● REAL FRIENDS TO COMPETE AGAINSTInvite your pals by Facebook, Twitter, SMS or e-mail!
● FUN AND ENGAGING GAMEPLAY!Gain experience and increase your rank to become a legend!
● RANDOMLY GENERATED ARENASEvery battle requires a different strategy!
● SEVERAL TANKS TO CHOOSE FROMSelect a ride and impress your friends!
● A SELECTION OF SPECIAL WEAPONSUse cunning tactics to defeat your opponents!
● CINEMATIC CAMERA & DIGITIZED SOUNDIt’s like playing an interactive movie!
● CROSS-PLATFORM GAMEPLAYStart playing on one device then continue on another!
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